Jackson Fall PTA Picnic


Come one and all to the Fall Picnic hosted by the Jackson PTA. 

Bring your blanket and dinner to enjoy in the park and playground. Get to know other Jackson families and have some fun while the children play. 


*Spiritwear and Kona Ice available for sale




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First Week of School - What You Need to Know

Expect the streets around the school to be congested. Most parents (some in two cars) bring their children the first day. Allow extra time to navigate the crowds while driving safely.

Expect your student to come home with lots of paperwork. Please complete ALL the forms and return them as soon as possible.

PISD requires all visitors to register and wear a Photo ID Badge while
at school - even to walk a student
to their classroom! The office will
be crowded the first few days so be prepared for a line or consider stopping by school before the first day to register. We are “paws-itively” serious about keeping our students safe.

Lunch lines move slower the first week as students get into the routine. Con- sider sending a lunch instead of buying.

Any prescription or over-the-counter medication must be accompanied by a completed medication request form and turned in to the nurse.

When picking up, write your child’s name and grade on a piece of paper and place in your passenger window. This will dramatically speed things up until permanent signs are provided. Also, remember to pull up as far as possible in the drive.


Update Your Volunteer Status with PISD

Each year the district shall obtain the criminal history record of prospective volunteers who will be working with students, including mentors, tutors, field trip sponsors, any volunteers who will have access to student information, and volunteers who work on a regular basis with students. 

All volunteer records are inactivated June 30 of each year.  All volunteers must reapply after July 1 of each year to be considered for volunteer opportunities. Click here to apply today. 


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