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Drama Kids brings their proven drama classes for kids directly to you by offering them at community and school locations, as well as offering online acting lessons. The classes and camps provide children with a foundation of vital skills to help them succeed in school and throughout their lives. Whether your child has an active interest in acting and the theater, or they simply want to make new friends and explore the development of important attributes, Drama Kids is the perfect choice.


 The Big Read Down

Dallas library card holders can log minutes read and turn them into fee forgiveness. If you've lost or damaged a book, reading can erase the fee for that item. If you don't have fees on your account, all your logged minutes will be pooled to help those in need access the library.

childrens booksLooking for more?

Check out your local library online! Libraries are currently open and offer a variety of online and in-person events!

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Or if you just can't get enough, try Visit Plano for the latest and greatest family friendly events.

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